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Full-cycle poultry-farm

Our production sites are located in Naro-Fominsk,
Chekhov and Noginsk districts of Moscow region.

Live production

The company has its own parent stock and broiler production, feedmill facilitiesand broiler processing plant.




High frequency stunning, “mild” system of whole birdscalding, sufficient quantity of picking machines with rubber fingers of different hardness.




LLC “Elinar-Broiler Poultry-Farm” is a fully integrated producer of broiler meat.


Guaranteed quality of products

Our main task is to keep maximum freshness and taste of chicken meat in final products.
process and engineering innovations has been implemented during the long history of our poultry-farm.
items of modern equipment for high quality products production.
from the beginning of processing till the products arrival to the shelves of the stores.

Our product mix

Chilled products which keep the natural quality of original chicken meat.

Freshness and high quality of meat are the main criteria for us. Our main stake is on them.


Our prepared semi-products will allow you to save time – their cooking takes just a few minutes!


Everybody likes flavored and tasty grill in the open air. Our ready meals are fully prepared and have all of the required spices. All you need is just seta fire and fry them.


Halal product line is presented in our product mix . Our meat is fully corresponding to the required conditions for the specific meal options and fits everyone.

Our products are available

in the company stores “First Fresh” and chain stores.
Retail chain of the company stores.
   Naro-Fominsk district, Novaya Olkhovka village (near the poultry-farm gatehouse)
 Moscow, Novoryazanskaya street, house № 2/7
  Moscow, Aviaconstructor Mikoyan street, 12
  Kaluga region, Zhukovsky district, Belousovo, 102 km of the Moscow-Roslavl highway
   Naro-Fominsk, shopping center Malkovo
   Naro-Fominsk, shopping center Nara
 Moscow, Stromynka street, 14.1
  Naro-Fominsk district, Ateptsevo village, Kupets Alyoshin sqr., bld.2
 Moscow, Arbat street, 27/47
 Moscow, Obraztsova street , 3