“Poultry farm in Belousovo” became part of “Elinar” Holding Company”
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“Poultry farm in Belousovo” became part of “Elinar” Holding Company”

On July 17, 2020, documents were signed on integration of “Poultry Farm in Belousovo” into the system of “Elinar” holding poultry complex. “Poultry farm in Belousovo” officially became a structural subdivision in “Elinar” group of companies.

For almost three years, work on the most effective ways to integrate the new production site has been in progress; and today “Poultry Farm in Belousovo” is already an important technological link in the poultry complex of “Elinar” holding. Management of “Elinar” company are working out all possible options to improve production efficiency at “Poultry Farm in Belousovo ” for achieving high performance of the entire “Elinar” poultry sector.

On the photo: I. E. Kuimov, General Director of “Elinar” Holding Company and B. A. Svetlitsky, General Director of “Poultry Farm in Belousovo”.