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Assortment of “Elinar-Broiler” products is represented by “First Fresh” trademark

“First Fresh” is not only the trademark of “Elinar-Broiler” poultry-farm products, but the main idea of the company development. We focus on the long-term and successful presence on the market, which is impossible without constant updating of the production technologies and implementation of the international systems of the products quality control.

Our products are delivered to the stores shelves in chilled condition, and it is important for us to keep them fresh during the whole period of sale. Firstly, temperature in production facilities affects on the meat freshness. It is not more than 12°C in the production facilities of «Elinar-Broiler” poultry-farm. Reduction of broiler chickens processing time allows to keep high quality of the meat. It takes just 1,5 hours from the moment of slaughtering to the final packing. It takes 3-4 hours more till the products delivering to the stores shelves.


The whole transport, transferring “First Fresh” products, is equipped with the refrigerating units. It allows to keep the products temperature at level of 0 to +4°C on the way from the production facility to the store. As a result, the guaranteed period of natural unpreserved products freshness conservation is 8 days, and as for semi-products, this period is 7 days.