“Elinar-Broiler” poultry complex became a part in implementation of the National Project “Labor Productivity”
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“Elinar-Broiler” poultry complex became a part in implementation of the National Project “Labor Productivity”

“Elinar-Broiler” poultry farm is the first company of Moscow region in the field of agriculture, which was awarded with extended support and became a part in implementation of the federal projectTargeted support for improving labor productivity at enterprises”. According to May decrees of the President of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin, Moscow Region has an ambitious challenge – to involve more than 300 companies in the national project by 2024; and to ensure stable 5% growth in labor productivity at medium and large enterprises from basic non-resource sectors of the economy.

On June 30, the company had a kick-off meeting dedicated to the start of a large-scale RF National project “Labor Productivity”. During the year, the specialists of ANO “Federal Competence Center” will work together with the company employees in order to apply lean manufacturing practices, implement and adapt effective methods to increase labor productivity, which in turn will increase the company’s productivity, increase turnover, reduce downtime; and will help increase the company’s sustainability and competitiveness.

As a result of the project implementation, the enterprise’s productivity should increase by at least 10% at the end of the first year, with the outlook to increase the indicator to at least 30% at the end of the third year of implementation, compared to the baseline value.

Participants of the meeting – I. E. Kuimov, General Director of JSC “Elinar Holding Company”, managers and specialists of “Elinar” group of companies; honored guests: A.V. Soshin, Head of the Industrial Policy Department of the Ministry for Investment, Industry and Science of the Moscow Region, V. V. Terebov, Deputy Director of “Moscow Region Investment Development Agency”, Director of “Regional Competence Center” Department, R. L. Shamne, Head of Naro-Fominsk city district of Moscow region; and the experts of ANO “Federal Competence Center” V. V. Anisimov, Project Manager, and D. A. Rodionova, Head of the Corporate Culture Transformation Department.

Taking part in the program is an important stage in the development for each participant involved in the process of changes and support of lean production, and also for “Elinar” group of companies as a whole. It is important to make the most effective use of the knowledge gained during the training, to follow all the recommendations and instructions of specialists to increase labor productivity, to be able to correctly apply them in production, to spread this knowledge and experience to other workplaces in “Elinar” group of companies. This is a new step on the way to success, the start of a new round of successful development of the enterprise!