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In November FSC (Federal Scientific Center for Food Systems) named after V.M.Gorbatov of RAS has announced the results of International Competition – “Quality Warranty 2019”. The quality of meat products taking part in the competition is subject to comprehensive check. Expert study includes analysis of competing products safety, assessment of packaging, conformity of the product marking data to its contents; and, of course, its organoleptic properties. Therefore, it is not easy to win the awards of this competition. This year 56 contestants from 28 regions of Russia and the CIS countries fought for the honorary award in the following categories: “Meat Products”, “Poultry Meat” and “Canned Meat”. The leading tasters studied 250 samples, 76% in the category of meat products, 19% – poultry products, and 5% – canned meat and meat-containing products. “Elinar-Broiler” Poultry Farm products took part in the competition. Poultry semi-products – Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Steak – won two silver medals. “First Fresh” semi-products – Chicken Stripes – were given the highest award – gold medal. These awards are the highest recognition of our Company’s achievements in the area of meat production.