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The best recipes for cooking our products which keep the natural quality of the original chicken meat.

Put foil into a casserole dish. Put the ground chicken meat on the foil previously covered with salad oil and then add salt and pepper.

Cut the chicken breast into portions and to tenderize each portion. Add salt, pepper and to put the stuffing: dried plum and dried apricots.Then wrap every piece with the stuffing.

Chop the herbs and mix them with cheese. Add salt and pepper, and mix again. Stuff the fillets. Cover the casserole dish with oil and put the fillets into it.

Boil the vegetables. Boil the eggs hard. For children Olivier salad you can use boiled turkey, veal or rabbit.

Wash the wings in cold water, dry them and rub salt and black pepper into them. Heat a frying pan much without salad oil, put the chicken wings into it and fry on both sides till the golden crisp.

Carefully cut the end of chicken fillets with a knife and tenderize it on both sides to get the homogenous thickness of a meat piece. Rub the fillets with salt and pepper, and put grated cheese and finely chopped herbs into the cut.

Slice the apples. It is better to use sweet-and-sour apples. Chop the prunes and garlic finely and mix with the apples. Wash the chicken and rub it with salt. Put the stuffing into the bird.

Wash chicken leg quarters and dry them with paper towel. Cook the syrup for the chicken. Take the zest from one big or two small oranges and squeeze the juice.

Put chicken fillets, egg-yolk, lime juice, chili sauce, garlic and basil into a food processor.