Птицефабрика Элинар-Бройлер - Personnel
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Qualified personnel are key to our success. From the moment "Elinar-Broiler" was created, we have been constantly working to establish a team that is capable and effective in solving assigned tasks. Like in a family unit, each person has his or her area of responsibility for accomplishing the work.

We encourage employees to grow professionally. Every year professional skill competitions are conducted among workers of the processing plant. The best employees earn the right to represent “Elinar-Broiler” in international competition «Best debone operator» where our representatives have demonstrated excellent results for a number of years.

Many specialists of «Elinar-Broiler» are certified under the president’s program of administrative personnel training. To encourage the creativity of our employees, «Elinar» organizes competitions where they can present their best ideas.

Our personnel have an opportunity to relax together with colleagues with summer and winter sporting competitions, initiative competitions, and organized trips. These and many other activities are conducted regularly to encourage employees not only to display their craftsmanship at work, but also to discover their other talents.

Our company offers several participation programs for people in neighboring regions who study in secondary and special professional educational institutions activities, as well as for student of higher educational institutions that specialize in poultry.


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