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 Chicken roll

Sausage for grill "Garlic"

 Gizzards (peeled)

Our product has been delivered to stores of Moscow and Moscow region since 2000. We are the first of the domestic producers to market fresh poultry meat packaged in trays. The trade mark of our product « First Fresh» is displayed brightly with an attractive, printed film over-wrapping the product and tray. Today this product is well known and appreciated by our consumers. In total, more then 100 different types of products are produced and available. One of the priorities of company development is to extend value added product mix.  The value added department produces more than 60 types of products, including chopped meat, cutlets stuffed with cheese or mushrooms, sausages for frying, rolls, etc. The value added products are demanded by both stores and fast food restaurants.

In addition to well known classic recipes, the range of products by the value added department is constantly expanded to include new recipes. These products do not require a lot of time for preparation and are very similar to products prepared at home. We use only broiler meat and complementary spices and seasonings.

The list of ingredients, cooking tips and storage requirements can be found on thermo-label. First Fresh value added products produced by Elinar-Broiler have a good reputation and are demanded by customers due to their naturalness and easy cooking.

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