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 Chicken roll
 Gizzards (peeled)
Elinar-Broiler produces chilled, fresh poultry meat of high quality and that is why it is important for our product to arrive at sales outlets in Moscow and Moscow regions promptly and on time. This is the foremost principle of our marketing and sales department to maintain close client contact.

* We work personally with each client. You can discuss volume, payment conditions and shipment with our specialists. We have a responsible attitude towards our commitments and always perform them.

* Daily production schedules are based on client requests. And to fulfill these requests, orders for chilled products are received in advance, but no later then 2 work days prior to shipment.

The storage complex for final products is equipped with modern scan system to allow quick and accurate collection of your order and avoid any mistakes in preparation for shipment. Fresh product is shipped the same day when it was produced. Product storage and shipping is functioning 24 hours a day and we can deliver goods to the customer’s store at their convenience.

All delivery vehicles are equipped with refrigeration equipment and the customer may pick up product with their transportation vehicles, if desired.

Awareness is created for the products by participation in regional and international exhibitions. Product promotions are organized, including tastings in large chain stores and producing advertisements and POS materials for local sales.

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