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 Chakhokhbili (chicken in Georgian style)

Sausage for grill "Tender"
Today it is stylish to be healthy and successful – to engage in sports, to be consistent in balanced healthy food, and to buy only healthy fresh products. Chilled poultry meat is an ideal product to include in dietary dishes. Fans of a healthy lifestyle do not compromise on good products and will buy chilled poultry meat only from trusted producers.
Elinar-Broiler poultry products are healthy and delicious because of the exceptionally freshness. This is reflected in the name of the trade mark of our product - «First Fresh». With this name we are telling every customer that we guarantee the quality of our product. The customer will not keep buying product with a well-known name and bad quality. Only delicious and high quality product can be popular with the costumers.
Elinar-Broiler began using the trade mark «First Fresh» in 2004. Even then we were proud of our product and were not afraid to say to every costumer, that this product is from our poultry facility. Since then we have significantly strengthened our reputation as a producer of value added products and customer loyalty continues to grow with each new purchase. It proves that quality and freshness are the most important advantages of “First Fresh” trade mark, better than any rewards or medals.


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