Птицефабрика Элинар-Бройлер - Quality

 Chakhokhbili (chicken in Georgian style)

Tabacco chicken
 Gizzards (peeled)

In our entire production process, the objective is to provide fresh and tasty chicken meat. We make sure our chicken meat is fresh and high quality. Our work is based on these principles.

- Meat quality depends on feed composition and we use only natural feed that is made in Russia.

Special attention is paid to chicken health. Chicken houses are clean, sanitary and hygienic requirements are strictly observed to avoid using antibiotics and hormones in live production. 

- Temperature affects meat quality in production facilities and accordingly room temperatures in processing range from 8°C to    11°C.

- Minimal processing time results in high meat quality. The processing time to final packaging is less than 2 hours. Delivery of the product to a store counter is only 2 to 4 hours.

- Meat temperature stays a constant 0°C to +4°C from the moment the chicken was chilled to the final delivery of the product to a store counter.

The result is fresh natural product with a seven (7) day shelf life of «First Fresh» chicken products.


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