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OOO "Poultry Farm “Elinar-Broiler” is a fully integrated broiler meat producer. The company has its own parent flock farms, hatchery, broiler production, feed mill, and processing plant. The entire process of growing broiler chickens to 42 days old is designed to achieve healthy birds in preparation for processing.


Hatchery: The hatchery is a “maternity hospital” for the broilers and its modern equipment, skilled personnel, and strict compliance of all veterinarian and hygienic requirements ensure that healthy and strong chicks are hatched. Hygienic requirements for all personnel are very strict and everyone must pass through a shower and receive a full change of clothing. Observance of all these requirements allows us to achieve a high level of hatchability.

Broiler Houses: From the hatchery, chicks are moved to broiler houses, where ideal conditions have already been created for their rapid growth. These houses are layered with dry and fresh wood shavings. House temperature and humidity are ideal for these one day old baby chicks. Fresh water, optimal feed rations, and maintaining these ideal conditions are essential for achieving the genetic potential of these broilers.

Feed mill: As birds grow and develop, feed composition changes for them. There are at least three different feed formulas and each have a unique diet property. The feed mill produces a sufficient volume of good quality pelleted feed, thermal treated, to support all our requirements.

Processing plant:

Processing Plant: This is the beginning of the poultry meat processing technological process. The system is fully automated from feather removal to bird preparation for chilling. Due to the minimal number of people involved, this process produces a high quality finished product. Human hands covered with special disposable gloves, touch broiler only once at the beginning of the technological process and the rest is done by machinery. The product is inspected by independent expert veterinarians for quality and wholesomeness.

Second Processing: From the processing plant the broilers go through a chilling process to cool the bird to +2°C. This is within the Russian GOST sanitary and regulatory standards. The chilled product is then conveyed to various equipment with the use of a computerized line that identifies, weights, and individually drops the birds to pre-determined locations. The equipment used is from various leading European companies providing the capability to produce a large variety of high quality products.

Value Added plant: Selected poultry meat is transferred from second processing daily to produce different kinds of specialty products. For meat fillings or toppings, different types of cheese is used plus mushrooms, butter, prunes, onions, or dried apricots as well as many other natural products. No preservatives or additives are used. The result is a variety of 30 different types of tasty culinary products.

Refrigeration storage and Shipping: The last stage is refrigeration-storage in preparation for shipping ‘ready for sale’ poultry meat products. All finished products are delivered on pallets. The plant has its own system of logistics for moving products to storage. The warehouse provided a number of refrigeration rooms with different temperature conditions to accommodate a large variety of marketing requirements. The entire process guarantees the product quality demanded by our Customers.

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